We are Bakoom, a multidisciplinary design studio with a strong focus on fresh and bold concepts. Our goal is to offer meaningful and thoughtful visual solutions to the needs of our clients. We are also founders and directors of Latent Festival.

Creative Direction / Visual Identity / Branding /
Editorial and Book Design / Web Design / Packaging

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Awards: 1 Bronze ED Awards, European Design 2021 / 1 Silver & 1 Bronze LAUS, ADG-FAD 2021 / 1 Silver & 2 Bronze LAUS, ADG-FAD 2020 / 1 Bronze LAUS, ADG-FAD 2019 / Premios CREMA, Festival Blanc 2018


La Nuu

A visual system from the intervention of the context

Art direction and communication campaign for La Nuu, an International Author Photography Festival of Rubí. A project that seeks to exhibit large format photographs on the street level to decentralize art, moving it away from the white walls of galleries and museums. The project's needs don't call for the individual creation of a logo, but a visual brand language. Therefore, we propose creating a flexible system where the brand interacts with the content, being present and leaving its mark, generating two levels of reading (context and intervention). A word through the image.

Client: Ull x Ull

Services: BrandingArt directionDigital

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